Interim 2007  Buenos Aires, Argentina                    Preliminary Program


January 3- 5               On-campus Orientation

                                    Introduction to Argentina: Geography, History, Politics, Culture

Trip logistics



January 6                    Travel Day

Saturday                      Continental  Airlines

                                    CO 2689  BHM  - Houston                  5:53p    7:47p

                                    CO 51      HoustonBuenos Aires     9:00p   10:20a


January 7                    Buenos Aires

 Sunday                       Arrival

                                    Transfer to housing



January 8                    Welcome at the school Via Hispana

Monday                       Placement Test – Oral part

                                    First class



January 8-12              Morning – Intensive Spanish classes

Mon-Fri                      Afternoon/Evening – Extracurricular Activity

                                    (see list)



January 12                  Afternoon – Departure for Iguazú Waterfalls




January 12-14            Iguazú Warterfalls excursion

Fri - Sun                      



January 14                  Afternoon - Arrival to Buenos Aires




January 15-19            Morning – Intensive Spanish classes

Mon-Fri                      Afternoon/Evening – Extracurricular Activity

                                    (see list)


January 20                  One-day activity   

 Saturday                     Option A:  Tigre – Adventure tourism

                                    Option B:   Estancia de Gauchos



January 21                  Departure for Ushuaia, Patagonia




January 22-26            Morning – Intensive Spanish classes

 Mon- Fri                    Afternoon/Evening – Extracurricular Activity

                                    (see list)



January 26                  Afternoon - Arrival to Buenos Aires





January 27                  Final Evaluation, Exam

Saturday                     Good Bye Lunch at the school Via Hispana




January 28                  Departure for Birmingham

Sunday                        Continental Airlines

CO 52      Buenos Aires   - Houston                 10:50p    6:15a

                                    CO 51      Houston – BHM                                7:30a     9:08a