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The following project were undertaken by students at Birmingham-Southern College and Youngstown State University. They range from first-year calculus projects to senior-level work.

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Recent Projects

bulletRing Extensions with Finitely Many Intermediate Rings, Wes Brown
bulletFalling Raindrops, Lars Porter, Matt Stephens and Wiley Truss
bulletThe Party Problem, Pearson Smith
bulletThe Enigma and Other Codes, Gretchen Deutsch and Jamie Gober
bulletWater Clocks, Josh Britnell and Juan Orozco
bulletThe Ordered Look and Say Sequence, Scott Asher and Julia Kedrova; Jason Grigsby; Mary Beth Helms and Jennifer Turner; Don Kim and Oleathia Leonard
bulletIrreducible Elements in the Integers Modulo n
bulletThe Four Aces Card Trick
bulletOptimizing Hydroelectric Power

The Stock Portfolio Problem

Previous Projects
bulletConway Sequences, Brenda Hopkins and Karen Schimley
bulletFactorization in the Integers Modulo n, John Baldinelli
bulletMathematics Card Tricks, Kristie Cwynar; Vanessa West
bulletOhio High School Football Rankings, Jon Culp
bulletAn Introduction to Coding and Data Compression, Michelle Mills
bulletInvertible Ideals, Alayne Leone
bulletWeighted Voting Systems, Lori Betts
bulletThe Mathematics of Radios, Adam DeSaintis
bulletParabolic Point Sequences, Natalie Kittle
bulletMagic Squares, Angie Villanti
bulletThe Fundamentals of Traffic Flow, Floyd Cracraft
bulletTechnology in the High School Mathematics Classroom, Mamie Lee