Vacation 2006—the great Cape Cod Caper



While we did lots of stuff in Cape Cod, one of the highlights for Christopher and I was the fishing trip we took with my brother Russell and Gil our guide. Here Christopher’s first striper hits top as he works on getting it in. The happy result! Christopher caught 11 fish in the Bay at Province Town about this size. After a time, we went out of the bay into the ocean where he caught some real fish. His first big one is here (with Gil our guide) and here. That guy was about 28 inches long, as was this one, Christopher’s other big fish. My brother Russell caught a few fish himself that day. After mopping up in the bay, his first catch in the ocean was this very nice bluefish. I followed with this one, nice, but not quite as big. Russell also nailed one heck of a striper, about 36 inches long. He caught that sucker on a 10 weight fly rod. I didn’t catch as many fish as the other two, but I did catch some quality ones. I caught one that was about the same as Christopher’s big one, but then I got onto this one, which was about 31 inches. But that wasn’t the catch of the day. A bit later, I caught the hoss, a striper that was almost 40 inches long! That was an awesome fight, especially on a spinning rod with 12 pound test.


One afternoon, we went out on a whale watching venture. The boat was large, about 100’ long, with a large indoor galley.  The boat left from the dock at Province Town. Shortly after we got into the bay, we saw a group of seals hanging out. One of them dove down and popped up with a rather large striped bass.  He held it kind of like a hoagie and we could hear the CRUNCH when he took a bite out it. That was cool. The boat continued out of the bay and on into the ocean. After seeing some humpback whales in the distance, we had the good fortune of wandering upon a trio of them who frolicked right by the boat for a good long time. The young one seemed to be having a good time rolling and rolling and waving at us. The large one (momma, I suppose) wasn’t so active in the wave and roll, but my brother Russell got some really nice tail shots.  While none of them did the big splash, this one came fairly close. The whole journey was about 3.5 hours, and it was most excellent.



That’s all the time for today. Over the next week or two, I’ll add more.




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