All About ME!

The public version.

If there is a private version, I wouldn't put it here, would I?

  James H. Cook
Professor of Music
Birmingham-Southern College
Biographical Information

Biography. The tale of my professional life as I like to see it on programs whenever I perform in public. Makes me sound serious, academic, professional and somewhat competent. I like it.

Current CV. This is the necessary stuff, you know? Mostly lists of what I've done where and when. Or will do where and when. It's all true.

Old CV. I was rooting around in some old files not long ago and ran across this ancient document. I can't believe I was hired! I couldn't even type!

Photographs. You might not be interested in this at all, but I enjoy playing around with little tricks like this, so here it is. The "head shots" that show up on my home page are excerpted from photographs made while Judy and I have been on vacation, or on one of the Organ Study Tours\ I've lead. Some of the links below show the full photographs, while others just show you some other, posed shots. I think the vacation shots are better, to be perfectly honest about it.


Auntie's Tea Room, Cambridge England Standing in front of the tea room with my wife and our youngest daughter, March, 1998.
Loch Ness, Scotland Staring at the beautiful Scottish countryside from the deck of a Loch Ness Cruise boat.