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John Tatter
Professor of English

Please check this page frequently. Any messages concerning the course will appear here in reverse chronological order, the most recent message first.
30 August: Please use this link to reach the College Web page that provides you with your First-Year Foundations Release form (it is the last one on the page). Either you or your parent or guardian (if you are a minor) must sign the form and return it to me. Your parents can access the form by following the link, and they can mail or fax it to you with their signature.

Marilyn French, in the first chapter of her book Shakespeare's Division of Experience, provides a theory of gender principles that can be applied to many of the stories and poems we are reading for class. Her definition of these principles may be found by following this link. Please read the passages I have posted and bring your ideas about them to class discussion in the coming weeks.

Please use this link to reach an article about unearned and unacknowledged white privilege. These ideas can provide a basis for discussion of racism in some of its less obvious (to whites) but no less disturbing forms.

By the end of the day today I want you to send me an e-mail message with an attachment in Microsoft Word that responds to the following questions: what are your goals for this course? what do you hope to accomplish through it by the end of the term? what are the sources of your goals? Send your message with its attachment to and be sure to use your e-mail account to correspond with me throughtout the term.

John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,