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Study Groups for EH 228

John Tatter
Professor of English

Group One

Chloe Ballard
Mersedes Engle
Kelsey Peake
Ashley Shepherd
Riordan Wyatt

Group Two

Kelsey Bosquet
Josie Gauldin
Alana Owens
Katie Potts
Ashley Tippit

Group Three

Lindsay Curry
Sara Lacey Graham
Mary Rose Patrick
Aynsley Pruitt
Kayla Smith

First Series of Assignments: Shipler

Group One: Invisible in America: "The Lesson"

Group Two: Invisible in America: "In the American Society"

Group Three: Invisible in America: "Miss Clairol"

Each group draws distinct comparisons between the fictional characters in the story and the real people in Shipler's book, showing how reading Shipler has an effect on how we read short stories about the working poor. Each group delivers a 20-minute presentation on Friday.

Second Series of Assignments: Fuller

Group One: The Segregated Military

Group Two: The Ku Klux Klan

Group Three: Racial Stereotypes: Jim Crow, Sambo, Coon, Mammy, etc.

Each group does individual internet searches on the topic, comes together to discuss what they find, and puts together a 20-minute presentation for the other two groups during class.

Third Series of Assignments: Gilman

Group One: Details of the house, interior and exterior, except for the upper room

Group Two: Details of the upper room, except for the wall paper

Group Three: Details of the wall paper

For Wednesday's class, each group makes a thorough study of the topic and then makes a list of details. Make notes about what these details have in common: not what they mean, but what their similarities are. You are detectives in a crime scene: collect evidence only and leave the conclusions to the prosecutors.

John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,