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The Buckingham Lodges

Stowe: The Park

Approaching Stowe from Buckingham, one turns north onto the Grand Avenue and, at the crest of the first hill, finds the two Buckingham Lodges, which Bevington dates from 1805. The photograph below shows the lodges from the rear as one looks south toward Buckingham.

The Buckingham Lodges from the North
The Buckingham Lodges from the North

Passing between the lodges, the visitor sees the Grand Avenue lead toward the Corinthian Arch at the top of a distant rise and, eventually, the southern façade of the House through the opening in the Arch. Wooden gates between the lodges formerly allowed the Avenue to be grazed.

The West Buckingham Lodge The East Buckingham Lodge

The photograph below left is of the western lodge seen from the south as one enters the Grand Avenue. The photograph on the right is a close-up of the bas-relief over the window depicting the Birth of Venus. The lodges are presently inhabited by Stowe School staff.

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