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The Corinthian Arch

Stowe: The South Front

Designed in 1764-5 and finished in 1767, the Corinthian Arch provides the focal point for two views: the view from the South Front between the Lake Pavilions and over the meadows toward Buckingham, and the view north up the Grand Avenue when approaching Stowe from Buckingham. The house can be glimpsed through the Arch just before one turns toward the west and proceeds along the Queen's Drive to join the Oxford Avenue just below the Boycott Pavilions.

The Corinthian Arch seen from the south, from the approach to the garden on the Buckingham Avenue

Sixty feet high and wide, the Arch contains a four-storey house in each side, the doors and windows of which are visible only from the sides. Set in the meadows south of the house, the Arch is serene in its surroundings, here amid grazing sheep as if a monument in a painting by Claude Lorrain.

The Corinthian Arch seen from the northwest, inside the pasture beyond the ha-ha

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