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Stowe Castle

Stowe: The Park

In spite of its appearance in the photograph immediately below, Stowe Castle is not a castle at all but an eyecatcher built by Lord Cobham sometime before 1738. It stands in the eastern corner of the park near the intersection of Castle Riding, which runs to the northwest toward Silverstone, and Bycell Avenue, which runs to the west toward the Temple of Friendship.

Stowe Castle from the Bycell Avenue

The Castle provides a distant point of focus in views from the Temple of Friendship, the Bourbon Tower, and over the "shoulder" of the Temple of British Worthies from the Temple of Ancient Virtue and the Doric Arch. Unlike some garden follies, Stowe Castle has an inhabited interior, as the photograph below illustrates. Located in the building are a number of shops and offices, and surrounding it is a peaceful garden.

Stowe Castle from the east

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John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,