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Buildings and Monuments

Stowe Landscape Gardens

In order to visit an individual building or monument in the garden or park, please click on its shape or number on the map below or on its name in the list to the right. Doing so will link you to a page for that monument that provides photographs, descriptions, and historical information.

Note: This garden tour does not include former buildings or monuments that were once part of the garden and park.

  1. House
  2. Temple of Concord and Victory
  3. Fane of Pastoral Poetry
  4. Lord Cobham's Monument
  5. Queen's Temple
  6. Grotto
  7. Grenville Column
  8. Stowe Church
  9. Temple of Ancient Virtue
  10. Doric Arch
  11. Temple of British Worthies
  12. Seasons Fountain
  13. Gothic Temple
  14. Palladian Bridge
  15. Temple of Friendship
  16. Pebble Alcove
  17. Congreve's Monument
  18. Lake Pavilions
  19. Octagon Lake Cascade
  20. Hermitage
  21. Temple of Venus
  22. Queen Caroline's Monument
  23. Rotunda
  24. Dido's Cave
  25. Boycott Pavilions
  26. Oxford Bridge
  27. Equestrian Statue of George I
  28. Conduit House
  29. Wolfe's Obelisk
  30. Second Duke's Obelisk
  31. Bourbon Tower
  32. Lamport Lodge
  33. Corinthian Arch
  34. Chinese House
  35. Stowe Castle
  36. The King's Pillar
  37. Captain Cook's Monument
  38. Buckingham Lodges
    (not on map)
  39. Oxford Gate and Lodge
    (not on map)
  40. Silverstone Lodges
    (not on map)
  41. Water Stratford Lodge
    (not on map)

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