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Grade Redemption Policy
John Tatter

Just as the College allows a student to "redeem" a course grade by taking a course over, I allow my students to "redeem" a paper grade under the following circumstances. If the paper in question has earned an unsatisfactory grade (73 or below), the writer may revise the paper, and the second grade, if it is higher, will replace the first. If the paper in question has earned a satisfactory grade (74 or above) the writer may revise the paper, but the first and second grades will be averaged. In all cases, the writer must consult at least once with a Writing Center tutor about the revision of the paper. Also in all cases, the original paper with my comments must be submitted with the revised version, stapled to the back of it. Unless otherwise stipulated, revisions are due one week after the original paper is returned to the writer.

John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,