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The Silverstone Lodges

Stowe: The Park

In 1760 when Earl Temple built a pair of Ionic Lodges at the western end of the Oxford Avenue, where the present Water Stratford Lodge now stands, he built a pair of similar lodges at Luffield to the north at the entrance to his private carriage drive from Silverstone. Some sixty years later, the First Duke completed the extension of this drive northward to the Oxford-Northampton road, where he built the Silverstone Lodges, depicted below.

The Silverstone Lodges

Bevington explains that the Luffield Lodges were demolished by the end of the nineteenth century and that the area of the estate near Silverstone has long been detatched from the rest. The airfield and, subsequently, the racing circuit at Silverstone covered the northern end of the Silverstone Riding, and the carriage drive has disappeared. The road from Dadford to Silverstone intersects the Oxford-Northampton road ( the A43) just to the west of the Lodges, and because the carriage drive between them is no longer there they are less obvious in their original purpose than the pair in Buckingham.

The West Silverstone Lodge
The West Silverstone Lodge

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John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,