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Interim 2005 Project

John Tatter
Professor of English

  • Through the Wardrobe Door:
    The Fantasy and Science Fiction of C. S. Lewis

    As children, we all loved to hear our favorite stories told over and over again. It was a comfort to know what was going to happen, to know that everything was going to turn out right in the end. These stories take on added dimensions when we read them as adults. In the same way, stories we know by heart take on fresh meaning when we hear them told from a fresh perspective. This project focuses on the Narnia Chronicles and Space Trilogy of C. S. Lewis with particular attention to how they re-mythologize the Creation and Redemption stories from the Bible by retelling those stories in two popular genres of mid-20th century literature -- fantasy and science fiction. We will examine the implications of using those genres of literature for religious themes as well as the effects of age on both ourselves as readers and Lewis's vision of other worlds.

    John D. Tatter, Birmingham-Southern College,