Megan Gibbons Research Interests:

Select Research with Undergraduates at BSC




2007: Patricia George: Effects of heritability and hatch time of behavioral and

     developmental traits in the red-eyed treefrog, Agalychnis callidryas

2007: Bobby Peinhardt: Effects of heritability and diet on morphological and behavioral

     traits in the green treefrog, Hyla cinerea

2007: Jacob Lindsey: The comparison of susceptibility of the two morphotypes of spotted

     salamander egg masses to three aquatic predators: Do clear or opaque egg masses have

     the advantage?

2006: Fleming Holt: The effect of anti-predator behavior on egg survival in the marbled

     salamander (Ambystoma opacum)

2005: Melanie Jobe: Investigating the selective advantages of clear versus opaque egg

     masses in the spotted salamander, Ambystoma macultum

2005: Kayla Calton. Investigating the differences in antipredator behavior of larvae of Ambystoma maculatum emerging from clear and

     opaque egg masses.

2005: Nikki Rombough. Monitoring a population of spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in

     Homewood, Alabama.

2005: Nikki Rombough, Chris Brennan, and Kayla Calton.  Does exposure to fish cues elicit

     antipredator behavior in Ambystoma maculatum larvae?

2004: Nikki Rombough and Chris Brennan: The evolution of antipredator behavior in Hyla cinerea.


2004: Meredith Humber and Paige Casey: Using GIS Technology to map amphibians in Homewood Nature


2004: Julie Ghafary and Lindsay Boyett, antipredator behavior and development   latency in larval

     Ambystomatid salamanders

2003: Julie Ghafary, Jonathan Allen, and Lindsay Boyett, antipredator behavior in green treefrog tadpoles

2003: Allison Hargett and Katherine Long, antipredator behavior in larval spotted salamanders

2003: Kim Reid and Emily Lewis, antipredator behavior in larval marbled salamanders


2002: Allison Hargett and Carissa Mangus, behavior modification as a tool for determining

     discrimination of conspecific scents

2002: Allison Hargett and Meredith Humber, behavior modification as a tool for determining egg


2001-2002: Justin Hughes, predation of frog eggs by red-spotted newts








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