V. Markham Lester



Instructions --Letters of Recommendation Request


  1. To request a letter of recommendation, you must have had a minimum of two courses with me and must have received at least an A , A-, or B+.
  2. List the courses you have had with me, when you took the courses, and the grades you received.
  3. List the title of any papers you wrote for the courses and the grade you received. If possible, attach a copy of the graded paper.
  4. Type out the complete list of names and addresses of all institutions for which you wish to receive the recommendation. Also, state the specific name of the program (ie. Law, History, English, etc.) you are applying to and the specific degree you seek (ie. M.A., Ph.D., J.D., etc.).
  5. Attach all forms that are required for the recommendation. All forms must be signed waiving your right to see the recommendation.
  6. Clearly indicate which recommendations should be returned to you and which should be sent directly to the institution.
  7. Provide self-addresses envelopes to either the respective institution or to yourself. If the institution indicates the recommender should seal the envelope across the seal, please indicate this request to me.
  8. Requests for letters of recommendation must be made a minimum of two weeks before the letter is due.