Multi-Level Implementation

of Interdisciplinary Inquiry- and Research-Based Labs

This web-site provides information regarding Birmingham-Southern College's award from the National Science Foundation's Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science (TUES) Program (DUE 1140330).  The major goals of this project are to increase the number of inquiry-based lab modules at BSC and to connect the biology and chemistry curricula by incorporating a common research theme into select courses.  Anticipated outcomes of the project include gains in students' abilities to:

  • use scientific skills and concepts to solve novel problems

  • articulate cross-disciplinary concepts

  • conduct high quality undergraduate research

For a more thorough description of the project, please refer to the proposal pdf and the web-sites at the links below.



Discovery-Based Chemistry

in the Context of Real World Problems


Click on the link above to be taken to a web-site describing our general chemistry labs wherein students engage in discovery-based learning about density, titrations and heat, while exploring real-world problems like global warming and biofuels.



Linking Chemistry and Biology Courses

with Ruthenium Complex Research


This link takes you to a web-site describing guided research projects incorporated into lower and upper level biology and chemistry courses. These research activities focus on improving our understanding of anticancer ruthenium complexes.



Establishing and Expanding

Teaching-Research Networks


Here you can learn about the WIDER supplement that will support our Fall 2013 workshop aimed at fostering  cross-campus collaboration by establishing or expanding interdisciplinary, inter-institutional teams of faculty that will integrate research into their courses.


To learn about some of the many other curricular innovations that BSC's STEM faculty members have been involved in, please refer to the following links: