Peter A. Van Zandt



Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology – September, 2006-present.  Birmingham-Southern College, Department of Biology.

Adjunct Professor – January, 2006-August, 2006.  Birmingham-Southern College, Division of Science and Mathematics.

Post-doctoral Researcher – 2003-2005.  Washington University, Department of Biology.  Supervisor: Jonathan Chase.

Post-doctoral Fellow – 2001-2003.  University of Toronto, Department of Botany.  Supervisor: Anurag Agrawal. 



University of Louisiana at Lafayette - 2001.  The Ecological and Evolutionary Responses of Iris hexagona to Salinity Stress.  Supervisor: Susan Mopper.


publications (selected articles have PDFs available)

Van Zandt, P. A.  2007.  Plant defense, growth, and habitat: a comparative assessment of constitutive and induced resistance.  Ecology 88(8):1984-1993.

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Book Chapters and Unrefereed Publications

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