Dr. Scot Duncan
Birmingham-Southern College

Professional History:

I am originally from Gulf Breeze, a small city near Pensacola, Florida. I received a BS in Biology from Eckerd College in 1993. During my time at Eckerd I had the opportunity to do research with faculty members in Costa Rica and Panama. In addition, I spent a semester in Antarctica as a research assistant through a program sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and the National Science Foundation. After graduating from Eckerd, I earned a MS in Zoology (1998) from the University of Florida. During this time my wife and I spent a year living at a field station in Uganda, East Africa. I went on to earn a PhD in Zoology (2001) from UF in the lab of Dr. Colin Chapman. My research focus for both my MS and PhD was the restoration of tropical forests where these forests have been cleared. After a year of teaching at UF, I started teaching at Birmingham-Southern College in the fall 2002 in a tenure-track position.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters
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