with the Culture of the 14th Century

Hallie Leavell, Braden Phillips, Aaron Welborn, Susan Hagen

FDC 17 March 1999
Norton Board of Advisors 21 April 1999
ACS Technology Center 26 June 1999

Course Materials

Course Page 
Syllabus for EH 350, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Examples of assignments
 Project Examples

 "Encourages research on unexpected topics"
Chaucer and Alchemy

Heterosexual Female Sexuality in the Middle Ages

"Forces engagement and changed thinking"
Lovesickness in Medieval Times

"Provides comprehensive perspective"
Chaucer's Heavens: Cosomology in the Middle Ages

 Requirements  Tutoring
Written Guidelines
Hardware and Software [
scanner, HTML editor, browser]
 Gains  Addresses varied learning styles
Encourages interdisciplinary investigation
Teaches varied skills (computer, design, graphic)
Supports collaborative learning
Encourages a sense of student professionalism
Develops job skills
Teaches new research/academic uses of the Internet

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