Medieval Topics and Modern Technology: A Panel Discussion and Workshop
Southeastern Medieval Association
Agnes Scott College
15 October 1998


Organizers and Chairs:

Susan K. Hagen, Birmingham-Sothern College
Barbara Stevenson, Kennesaw State University

Lawrence Butler, George Mason University
Vikings, Websites, and Archaelogy
Sites referenced by Butler:

H-SKAND: The Electronic Network for Scandinavian History and Culture
Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval and Classical Library
UNESCO's World Heritage list
The Viking Answer Lady

Michael Crafton, George Mason University
Caught in the Web of Words: Internet Projects for the History of the Language

Bonnie Duncan, Millersville University and ReSoundings
New Media / Old Texts--at Home at a Distance

Susan K. Hagen, Birmingham-Southern College
[Hyper]Glosing Is a Glorious Thing

Barbara Stevenson, Kennesaw State University
Research for the Web Novice: Illuminating Websites

26 October 1998