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Cultural Resources for Medieval Studies

 Susan K. Hagen
 Mary Collett Munger Professor of English
 Birmingham-Southern College


The Middle Ages , The Annenberg CPB Project

Medieval World, Carissa Thomas

Medieval Science Page

art & architecture

Canterbury Cathedral

Castles of Wales

Gregorian Chant

Medieval Music

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Les très riches heures de Duc du Berry

Medieval Stained Glass

Stained Glass: A Brief History

 social history

Medieval/Renaissance Food Page

A Boke of Gode Cookery, James L. Matterer

Medieval Games & Pastimes, The HistoryNet

Rules for Medieval Games, Tara Hill Designs

Medieval Clothing Pages, Cynthia Virtue

The Medieval Technology Pages, Paul J. Gans

Medieval Hunting and Falconry

Renaissance Resources,
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