Requirements for an English Major

The English major at Birmingham-Southern College is not based on the traditional chronological coverage model; that is, it is not based on reading works from Beowulf to Virginia Woolf. Instead, it is based on studying texts from five different critical, contextual, and cultural perspectives. The 11 unit requirement, includes

one unit emphasizing a breadth of literary study (category 1),
one unit emphasizing a depth of literary study (category 2),
one unit emphasizing literature of a different time, place, or culture (category 3),
one unit emphasizing contemporary literature (category 4), and
one unit emphasizing literary theory (category 5).

In addition to these five courses, students are required to take

EH 250 and 260
three elective units (excluding EH 208), two of which must be at the 300 level or above, and
one unit of EH 470-72 English Seminar.

Two units used to fulfill major requirements must be taken from courses that concentrate on literature written before 1900.

For a list of which courses fulfill particular category requirements, see the College Catalog , page 100. See, also, An English Major's Check List .

Susan K. Hagen, Birmingham-Southern College

revised 25 September 2007