Monsters, Monarchs, & Monastics
Legacies of Medieval Literature in Popular Culture

 Susan K. Hagen
 Mary Collett Munger Professor of English


Images of the English Medieval Cathedral and City 

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EH 248: An introduction to varied medieval narratives and characters ranging from Beowulf to King Arthur and their adaptations to contemporary literature and film. Study will focus on the character of the medieval culture that the original work came out of and on the effects of the work’s adoption by popular writers. Prerequisites: EH 102 or simultaneous enrollment in EH 102.


The Labyrinth (this is an essential resource)

The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (from the site: "The Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies (ORB) is a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish an online textbook source for medieval studies on the World-Wide Web.")

The Medieval Source Book (an excellent site for primary historical texts)

WWW Medieval Resources (a broad range of links to other sites)

Lumaniriam Anthology of Middle English Literature 1350-1485) (limited texts with graphics, music, and secondary resources)

The Camelot Project (covers a range of Arthurian topics)

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